“You cannot escape from yourself. No matter what, no matter where, you are always yourself. And this self is a moment. This self is awareness. This is who you really are, always and everywhere present.” – Jon Schreiber-




I forget how NOW I must be in order to find happiness.

Now, not the past.

Now, not the future.






  1. Don’t you think that a lot of our activity falls under the guise of “escaping?” Or perhaps it’s more of an attempt to figure out who we really are. Sometimes I wonder how people have soooo much time to spend on facebook, pinterest, their blogs, twitter, etc. Then I looked at myself and came to the conclusion I was trying to define myself based on what others thought of me.
    Then I had to start the process over.
    I’ve concluded, we’re always learning who we are because we’re always changing. And as you say…we’re always dragging ourselves with us. This was a thought-provoking post.

  2. Yes. Being human this time around seems to be all about the discovery of who we really are. And when I let go (briefly) of who I thought I was (as mainly defined by others), wow! It’s like staring directly at the sun, instead of just reading about it.

  3. It is funny, but I do like to hear what people think about me. I often wonder if they think I am nice, or funny, or someone they would want to hang out with. Maybe I need reassurance? Maybe I try too hard? I don’t know. I am still trying to figure out who I am!!

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