We spent countless hours chanting Divine Office, fingering our beads, and otherwise on our knees as nuns. The theme of our lives was primarily about bridging the distance between God and our mere mortal selves.

That was decades ago,

and still it has taken me years to remember that I am indeed that God, 

. . . .and that’s it’s not about me trying to convince a distant deity that I’m worthy.

. . . .Nor is it about me overcoming my sins or otherwise making a good impression on God.

It’s about me accepting that I am God and have been creating my own dreams. It’s trusting what I create. Moment, by moment, by moment.


  1. Looking at your intricate b&w drawings, I do believe that you trust what you create. Else how would the viewer extract goodness and a sense of delight/exploration/learning/satisfaction from them? As one who has lived a very long time, I offer this advice unasked: Relax and enjoy your creations. Be happy with them. Learn that you are powerful, from your art. Sit back and smile at your works, which are ready to nurture your glorious soul.

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