Feeling Unworthy

“O Lord, I am not worthy. . .”

We nuns had to repeat this phrase over and over at least three times a day in the convent. I took it in at a deeper level than I should have. Much too young to know better, I let my sense of self be battered down to nothing. Over the past six weeks, I’ve been participating in a EFT Tapping Techniques webinar, which has faced me with the unworthiness tape at the root of my being. The good news is that it’s actually losing momentum. It’s easing off with the tapping.

Now, to share a quote that someone in the tapping community shared with me:

“You are beautifully enough. Your stories of ‘not good
enough’ are fictional novels written by a culture still
hiding its light under a mountain of shame. The REAL
story, your TRUE autobiography, is one of inherent
magnificence, courage and divinity flowing through
your soul-veins. So you decide which book to read—
the fictional novel written by those who do not SEE
you, or the HOLY BOOK written by your glorious

Jeff Brown


  1. Where is that guy? Will he come and live at my house? He’s exactly correct. Thanks for quoting that piece so that the rest of us can share the thought. Some day you’ll look back and those positive thoughts will be your FIRST thoughts. How many years did the pre-40s/50s generations not know they had a choice?

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