Turn Around

Oh Lord, I AM entirely and always  worthy. 

Because of my participation in the healing process of EFT Tapping for the past six weeks, I am breaking through some pretty crusty issues in my life. Though I’ve considered myself a pretty open person, I have run smack dab into some heavy, closed down doors within myself.

My partner threatening to leave me has forced me to face and ultimately clear away every known and unknown road block. And BOY, I’ve discovered a TON of them. The pain of opening has been almost more than I can bear, but in the process, I’m clearing out some of the ugly gunk of self-doubt, clingy-ness, and fear of change. Deep habits I’ve carried around for year. By beginning to untie the ropes and let go, I’ve been willing to risk everything.

Lo and behold, things have already begun to turn around dramatically. In encountering my own essential GOODNESS, I see how entirely worthy I AM and have always been. I AM worthy of everything I’ve ever wanted.

So today, here I am. . .with my arms wide open. . .welcoming joy and all things good into my heart.

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