My New Home

I believe I may have found my new home.

A friend invited me to attend a Catholic based liturgy Sunday evening with a group of individuals rejected by the official Church. They named themselves Koininia Journey Community.  Upon entering the sanctuary of the ancient-looking Episcopal Church, I encountered the group of Church rejects gathered in front of a three-story high pipe organ. They were practicing songs for the celebration. Others sat scattered in benches surrounding the central altar. When they noticed us, some rushed forward to greet and embrace us. I immediately felt I belonged among among this odd assortment of former Catholics, a few homeless individuals, and other vagabonds.

The abbreviated ritual was based on the essential elements of the Catholic liturgy. Just long enough and not boring. When I closed my eyes, it was easy to image Jesus feeling quite at home among this gathering that of his earliest followers.

Before the formation of a formal priesthood.

Before Takeover of Rules.

The Journey Community shares the duties and responsibilities of priesthood equally among those who wish to serve.  As well as the offer of its collective and unconditionally loving Heart to all.


  1. It sounds very interesting to me. Have been thinking about you a lot and wish I could convert my thoughts into action and get down to Portland to see you. Soon I hope. Very cold here but sunny. Working a couple of days a week at the flower shop in The Dalles. Looking forward to seeing what 2015 has in store for me. Cal

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