Private City Escape

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There’s no place in this wide, wonderful world that even begins to compare with the “backwoods” of Portland. This morning, while on a casual jaunt through the neighborhood, I made an amazing discovery. A mere five minutes from my front door, I stumbled upon a path I had assumed led to someone’s back yard–but which instead opened up into approximately twenty acres of untamed woodland.

Surrounded by homes on all side, and situated between Sandy Boulevard and a railroad on the north, and the I-84 freeway and another railroad on the south, exists a serene and forgotten paradise. Best of all, I had it all to myself. Tromping through the tall grass and sidestepping around clumps of Blackberry bushes, I arrived at a stand of tall redwoods. I crossed a bridge spanning a trickle of Wilkes Creek, and turned to take in a distant, white-clad Mount Adams.

A neighbor later informed me that I had discovered a little-used portion of land, designated as a portion of the Columbia Slough, that is earmarked for a public park one day.

In the meantime, I plan to take full advantage of this outrageously beautiful and unexpected gift.

Dead Lines

For months now, I’ve bullied myself over my book. I harangue myself for being past the deadline–the one I thought I should have reached by now. Each time I read through my manuscript, I make changes and pray they will be the last. Strangely enough, I’m beginning to actually enjoy the process of late. Polishing up my book will simply taking longer than I had anticipated, but will be much better in the end. And besides, why have a deadline?