The Church

grass valley church

The Church occupied a central position in my family. It was inevitable that one of us kids would become a priest or nun. In fact, two of my brothers went to the seminary in an attempt to serve God. Another of my sisters also tried out the convent for a very short while. I was  the only one who managed to hang on for as long as I did–nineteen years. It took a major shakeup in the Church and my personal growth cycle to wake me up. I finally did.

Orice’s Naive Fifteen Year Old Self

Whenever someone finds out I went to the convent at age fifteen, they always ask WHY?

Goodness me, who knows why a girl at that impressionable age makes her crazy choices? I had the same starry-eyed idea of becoming a nun as my peers did about becoming a bride. I hadn’t a single sensible thought in my head about my future, except for the notion of wearing a long, flowing veil and floor length gown. I entered the convent back in the day when nuns were clothed in the Medieval habit. My book puts the reader inside the dreamy head of my naive fifteen year old self.