Small and Humbly Divine



December 11, 2015

While shopping at the nearby Farmer’s Market this morning, I watched a slight, dark-haired woman select a bagful of turnips from the  vegetable bin. Curious as to how she would cook them, she told me she cores and stuffs them with a combination of rice, lamb, and tahini sauce; then boils them. Originally from Jordan, she was no doubt expert on the humble turnip. I filed her recipe away in my head, but wished I had courage to follow the woman home and sample her dish.

I love shopping in unusual, out of the way, appealingly small and different place. Much like me–except that I’m not small–merely out of sync with everyone else. Like the homely turnip.

Over the years, I’ve assigned my difference to having practically grown up in the convent, but now conclude that’s not so. Born into this life different, I’ve come from an assortment of previous life experiences including: witch, a highly attuned spiritual adept, and a pampered Atlantean. This time around, I tried another unusual role. I removed myself from the world and became a nun

However, even there I didn’t fit in.

Though I value different and prefer living outside the norm, it’s time to fully accept being human. There is no benefit in trying to escape the inconvenience and messiness of such human things as sex, body, and earthiness by joining a convent, monastery, or ashram. I believe Jesus came to show us how to be human. His message was NOT about his death or resurrection, but about our acceptance of being a divinely endowed human. He wants us to accept our human selves. He urges us to reclaim our own power to remember, uplift, resurrect, and transcend–ourselves and all planetary beings. He reminds us of how capable we are of being as elevated and inspired as he.

Like the humble turnip that plays its role by simply being a purple and white vegetable, it’s time we each come out as a fully realized, divine human being.


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