What increasingly troubles me lately is a growing awareness of how judgmental we are of one another. Especially toward those who are nearest and dearest to us, like family and friends. Heaven help those who deliberately (or sometimes inadvertently) offend us. Why the rampant lack of forgiveness, especially among those we claim to have loved?  Why the persistent holding on to hurts and grudges? Why are loving, friendly folks (I include myself here) sometimes barely able to tolerate one another?

My own unforgiveness saddens me. I’ve sometimes cut myself off from good friends and family members because of a perceived or real hurt.  I’ve deliberately avoided, perceived myself better than, or hung on to my anger against someone I’ve cherished.

I’m slowly becoming more willing to take an honest look at this tendency in myself. I realize that I’ve  projected my own fears and inadequacies upon others and blamed them. The next step has been to learn to forgive myself and then the other. My way of working toward a more peaceful world.


  1. Forgiveness is such an important thing to ruminate upon. Makes me think of the Biblical injunction to: Judge not others, lest ye be judged. I’ve become aware (a least a little) that forgiveness of oneself is perhaps the hardest thing of all. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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