Leaking tears today and feeling lost, quite likely the after effects of the body-mind cleansing on Tuesday from my alternative healer. She helped rid me of a heap of ancestral grief and betrayal. Tears were predicted along with relief, after a losing what I’ve been carrying around for more than one life time. I’d known it was possible.

So the tears are welcome.

It’s high time I overcome considering myself not good enough. Time to embracing the whole of me–my divinity, my goodness–my inclusion in the plan.

Oh Lord, I am not worthy has been so deeply embedded in my roots—in my bones—for too long. One more unworthy being striking her breast repeatedly and begging forgiveness. For what? For being human, fallible, and most of all, not ever being enough.

Oh Lord I am not worthy.

Tears burn my eyes as I repeat it.

But then, my Divine Self taps me on the shoulder and whispers, “Awaken, dear one, to your already-good-enough-self. To your unique blend of ancient wisdom and human frailty. To you, who always has been, and ever will be worthy–of taking up as much space in this old world as you wish.”