Taking the Plunge

Leap and scream

Six years ago, I created the above art piece, illustrating myself taking a leap into a yawning chasm I think of as the Void.  It is my habit to hesitate indefinately at the lip of the Void, and to contemplate certain disaster. Eventually, I thrust myself free. Instead of darkness and death, I seem almost to take wing. A new sense of clarity and freedom follow.


Since I’ve been away from my convent years, I’ve kept parts of that life with me.

I nurture and appreciate solitude, silence, and simplicity. I crave times of complete quiet and removal from everything and everyone.

I remain a contemplative.

My need for complete emptiness and nothingness—my need to leave it all behind—is compelling.

An occasional leap away from a much too-busy world has become essential tactic for my spiritual and emotional survival.