Divinely Human


I feel a bit like a movie star after having recently been the subject of a three-part interview on EFT Radio Online about my book. The hostess did an excellent job getting to the root of various aspects of my book, Once Upon a Convent. She recorded almost three hours of our conversation, which can be listened to by clicking on the following links:

  1. http://www.eftradioonline.com/the-real-life-fairy-tale-of-a-lesbian-nun-part-1/
  2. http://www.eftradioonline.com/the-real-life-fairy-tale-of-a-lesbian-nun-part-2/
  3. http://www.eftradioonline.com/the-real-life-fairy-tale-of-a-lesbian-nun-part-3/

However, there’s another part of me who feels anything but praiseworthy for having blathered on in public about my innermost life and feelings. Again. This part of me thinks I’ve gone a bit too far by revealing myself online. I vacillate between wanting to take it all back, fold up my Pandoran self into a tidy bundle, and shelf her away on the hidden most shelf of my closet.

I’m sure it’s a delayed reaction to having stripped down in public. Again. It wasn’t enough to have already published a book that reveals my naked thoughts regarding religion, family, and sexual matters. Most sensible people have the discipline to keep such things to themselves.

Not me, however.  I seem to have some kind of need to “confess” my personal thoughts about any and everything. I ask myself why? Am I seeking forgiveness? Redemption? If so, what is it I need to be forgiven for? And who will grant it? I was anything but the perfect nun, and was never the best possible daughter. I accept now that I’ve always been a perfectly acceptable human. And have begun being satisfied with that.

Sharing myself in online podcasts and sharing my own book helps remind me that I am human, and as I learn to embrace myself as such, I catch a glimpse of my beautifully Divine self.





  1. Well, I listened and enjoyed it. If you wouldn’t have revealed much of yourself, it wouldn’t have been a very insightful interview, (and I would’ve been disappointed by the results of the tapping. I thought you were honest and didn’t shy away from the hard questions (which would’ve been so easy to do.)
    I do understand your naked feelings of being vulnerable. I too have had those fragile feelings, but the honest truth is…we can’t grow until we shed the old shell, don’t you think? And that leaves us soft, pinkish, and fragile until we toughen up…and then we get to rip that shell off as we grow again. What a joy that you’re sharing this journey with us. Thank you

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