and so it BEGINS . . .

Since the election, I’ve been slogging through an army of conflicting feelings, but have calmed myself enough to hear a persistent whispering from within. It reminds me that we are ONE.

The entire planet with all lifeforms.

It’s beyond time to stop designating anyone as OTHER.It’s been going on for too long.

The other party.

The other side.

The winners of the election.

By doing so, I contribute to the warring energy that seems to be engulfing the planet. I strengthen the NOTION of sides. . .the one against the OTHER. Which is the undoing of us all.

When I refuse to acknowledge any good in the OTHER, I lessen the good I see in myself. When I consider myself on the GOOD side—a healers, teachers, spiritual spokesperson, social justice advocate, or whatever—and see OTHER as bad, there can be no compromise. No union. No coming together over the great divide.

We are all human.

What the world needs now (according to John Lennon) is definitely a huge dose of LOVE. Compassion. A reaching out across the DIVIDE with openness and compassionate understanding. Or at least begin to envision the possibility.

I choose to believe it possible.

As challenging as this is, I promise to begin with my daily meditation. I start by imagining myself in my most peaceful and loving aspects—smiling and filled with light, joy and peace. Not always easy, but rather a wrestling match to subdue or at least reconcile to my relentlessly roaming thoughts.

Once I feel blissfully overtaken with more positive energy, I begin to invite the presence of likeminded others:  friends, whatever spiritual leaders and lightworkers that come to mind. I imagine them joining in a radiant circle.

By this time, I am finally able to include those whom I have considered OTHER into the circle. Those whom I have labeled Haters, Judgers, Ego-maniacs, Evil Doers, etc. Those I think are NOt like me, although I know we are somehow ONE.

In order to evolve as fellow planetary beings on a continuously evolving Mother Planet, we must learn to enfold and embrace one another.

More than ever before, It’s become our imperative.

We cannot afford to continue in our divisive ways. Beginning with myself.

And so it begins. . .


  1. We do need to work together but remember to keep things in check. We cannot afford to have evil take over like what happened during Hitler’s time or when the Japanese Americans were put in camps. We must be alert.

  2. I think the election cauterized other feelings in me. For years, I was taught not to discuss politics or religion. Confrontation was bad. But since the election, I’ve reminded myself to speak up for what I believe. Now, I don’t have the final word on what is perfect or right, but I figure the best thing is to get differing opinions out in the open and have a discussion.

    A few folks at my church don’t want the welcoming statement on our bulletins to include “gays and lesbians.” These persons have said, “We welcome everybody. We just don’t have to spell it out.”

    So, yes, I think you’re right that we have to stop being divisive and categorizing people as “other.” But I also believe we stop being silent because we’re afraid we might offend.

    We start talking about our differences.

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