“Enlightenment is always preceded by confusion.”                                                             Milton Erickson

As an Elderwoman who has pursued spirituality for an entire lifetime, I only recently realize how confused I’ve been. No. I’m not an early–or even late–onset Alzheimer’s victim, but instead have indulged in a habit of sloppy thinking over the years. And sloppy thinking causes negative feelings.

According to very clear-thinking and helpful people in the world, being cognisant enough to admit being confused is an admirable quality.  In fact, a first step to the way out!

So yes, I’m often confused. Giving way to intermittent wallowing in feelings of depression. Feeling down, useless, and wondering what the heck I’m still doing here.

Thus my introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP.  Having heard the term NLP bandied about years ago, I paid no attention. Until meeting an ardent practitioner of NLP.  Who had  recommended Neuro-Linguistic Programming for Dummies, which I have begun to devour.

Early in the book, it says that  recognizing your own confusion is a good beginning.

What a relief to admit confusion. I’ve often given way to very fuzzy, unproductive thinking patterns, and relieved to learn that there is finally a way out.

Stay tuned.


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