Going the Course

Don’t know why I waited ’til now to take the plunge. It’s literally been only a couple weeks since I’ve begun to devour The Disappearance of the Universe, by Gary Renard. Now I’m on a mission to absorb the best of what the Course in Miracles has to offer.

Published a couple years before I left the convent, I certainly wasn’t ready for it back then. To me, it reeked of Christianity, with which I felt force-fed up to my gills throughout the nineteen years of my nunly life. Not for me, I told myself, and promptly set off in what I thought was the opposite direction–an escape into alternative spirituality.

After having sampled a morsel of Zen Buddhism and whopping dose of Pentecostalism while still a nun, I delved into Paganism, Shamanism, Divination, and various other worlds of metaphysical and bodymind therapies. Each of which, I now realize, merely nudged me a little closer to, or dropped me off at the corner of What’s Next and a Course in Miracles. 

Each of my spiritual escapades have helped me reach the following conclusions:

  • There are no accidents.
  • Whatever or whomever I set out to judge as other, is none but myself. Everyone is simply a mirror of what I refuse to acknowledge or accept in myself.
  • The love and acceptance I seek elsewhere, can only originate or be found in myself. A humbling, yet liberating conclusion.
  • And more. . .

So methinks I may possibly find the pathway of a Course in Miracles more than a teensy bit familiar.

“The first step in forgiveness is to forgive any unwillingness to forgive, to kindly look upon all unkindness, to look without judgment upon all our judging. . . with love’s kind eyes.”  N. Babbitt