Me, Myself, and Ego

Powder puff self

“When you say “I”, it is ego speaking, not you. . .  It consists of thought and emotion, of a bundle of memories you identify with as “me and my story”. . .               

Eckhart Tolle









Only recently have I become more aware, conscious of, or awakened to the fact that this tortuous, non-stop, self-absorbed voice in my head belongs to Ego. I’ve known for years, and am one of a multitude of Seekers striving to free myself from it’s dominance. Eckhart Tolle’s book is one of many that refer to ego in a way that I can relate. Ego, however, is so deeply entrenched in the unconscious that it continues to dominate my mind without much of a hitch.

The wisdom of countless books, wise teachers, both contemporary and long gone, have referred to ego’s existence, pointing the way slowly and inevitably in the direction of awakening. After each pointer, however I linger in truth for a while, then revert to my unconscious ways again.

That my body is impermanent, I accept. That the earth with its goods and possessions is passing is a given. Otherwise, I would not have so tried to leave everything behind and become a nun.

Ditching the ego will continue to be a monumental challenge. However, through my recent discovery of  A Course in Miracles, I have begun to recognize dear ego more clearly.  My second round of Eckhart’s A New Earth has also helped, tipping me more frequently toward the ability to distinguish between the voice of ego and the voice of higher wisdom. A much appreciated relief!