Evolution of a Treehouse

A cluster of trees across the way regularly intrudes itself into my morning meditation.

Challenges me to capture it in a drawing.

Daunting because I’m an impatient artist and like to do quickies, this one has too much detail.  So far, I’ve come up with three, progressing from the most complicated to the simplest.

Too many lines and too self-conscious. . .

trimmed trees

More comprehensive, but still not there. . .

Trees 2.jpg


Tree 3.jpg

Hmmm . . . perhaps a little color. . .

Lines on my Mind

It only took a day at my sister’s place on the coast to fire up my art again. My sketchbook and paints have lain dormant for too long.

We walked the beach, shared dinner with a friend, consulted the Tarot, and chatted into the night. And she showed me her sketchbook.

After I returned home, I got out my own drawing tablet. Ta-DAh!


kitchen shelves.jpg