A Few Lines

In solitary confinement,

although I’m blessed with the company of my partner,

my cat,

and Tico, my dog.

Overeating has overtaken me.

Too much, too often.

A morning jaunt through the neighborhood replaces gym time.

Regular doggie walks keep me buoyant in spirt.

Writing anything beyond a couple short paragraphs staggers me.

Thought I’d try sketching.

Here’s today’s effort, which took less than five minutes.

Imagine what I could accomplish with more time.




  1. I have not tried drawing yet. Randy and I are together and that helps us both keep our sanity. Games are fun and I do not win often but laugh a lot. Bird watching is daily now. Dog walking and nature drives, reading, watching TV…passing the time together.

  2. Yes. I noticed I’m staring into the fridge quite often. And why have donuts become my excuse for comfort food???

    And writing….well that’s not happening But I’ve slowly begun journaling again and being as snarky as I want. Hooray for progress.

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