Years ago, I created this Soul Collage card and knew it represented my travels through the universe. Adventures along a grand cosmic highway.

At the time, I delved into Crop Circles and checked out Alien visitation spots near our home in the Columbia River Gorge. Until then, I was ignorant of the presence of other beings outside the ordinary realm.

Sue and I camped out near a renowned hot spot for UFO’s, Trout Lake, WA.  This is the James Gilliland’s ranch (ECETI), nestled in the woods at the foot of Mt. Adams. With folding chairs and blankets, we joined a dozen or so other spectators to observe UFO’s. We counted hundreds that night went. To the uneducated observer, the Alien ships resembled mere twinkling stars. However, with James’ expertise, we soon saw the difference. UFO’s moved in odd, zig-zag patterns or in synchronized groups, suddenly coming closer in the form of a huge, round light—then shrinking back to it’s original tiny size again. Others turned bright green and glowed like a lantern for a few seconds before dimming out again.

That experience convinced me.                                                                                                      We are not alone in the universe.                                                                                          Something I had long suspected.

The above image represents my own out of body ventures– my explorations along less-than-normal pathways into other realms. I discovered these roads through my studies of body mind therapy, Shamanism, and the Akashic Records among others. I safely explored these alternate realms worlds without need for artificial stimulants, alcohol, drugs, or hypnotism. Like all ardent Seekers—from all kinds of religious or non-religious backgrounds— I have always been a Seeker.

“Seek and you shall find.”

However, in my humble daily-ness, I bumble along and forget all magical possibilities. It is my challenge to simply find my way through each day – awake, aware, and present in each moment.





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