Everyone or No one

Another Course in Miracles lesson

My whole life has been an attempt to become what I think it is that Spirit/Source/God wants. I’ve searched every nook and cranny for the way to enlightenment.

Endless job.

And mostly for naught.

So much futile hunting-for and not-finding a way to be lifted up and out of my daily hum-drum self. Hoping to be transformed into some kind of magical, wondrous being, filled with wisdom and light.

Today in ACIM class–somewhere in chapter 21 of the text–it bonked me on the head: Nobody gets enlightened alone. I either get uplifted and transformed along with everyone else or not at all. Or I stand condemned along with them. When I judge even one person, I judge myself.

As so many spiritual paths teach, I really am not alone, but One with —-all. A sobering reminder to learn the ACIM way of forgiveness. In doing so, I free not only “the seeming other”, but my own fumbling, but always loveable self.


For hours each week, I sit in front of my laptop and participate in zoom classes. Lately, I’ve taken to sketching the people who occupy the screen. They’re getting better by the day, even if I do say so myself. It’s taken me getting older to loosen up and let my hand flow, resulting in satisfying lines adrift on the page.

Here’s another

I admire it almost as if it came from someone else. Only it didn’t. I’m inspired. . . .