Our Lady of Peace

i couldn’t resist entitling one of my recent drawings:

Our Lady of Peace

. . . in the very Catholc tradition of paying tribute to the Virgin Mary.

My version of the virgin (not) includes tatoos and orange hair,

honoring the fact that the holy lady is no more special than any other human.

By declaring her “Our Lady of”. . . Peace, (in this example), I reference my own recent taste of deep calm . . . of . . . Peace.

The study of A Course in Miracles has opened up channels to a new way of approaching life. One that leads to

a more frequent experience of inner peace.


  1. Lovely! I have found peace and the Lord within myself, within my heart. He rests there for when I need him. I do not have to seek Him as he is within and all around me…in the air, clouds, wind, rain, fog, leaves, flowers , trees, grass…everywhere with little gifts for us.

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