Pointing Fingers

“Here is the central lesson that ensures your brother is condemned eternally. ²For what you are has now become his sin. ³For this is no forgiveness possible. ⁴No longer does it matter what he does, for your accusing finger points to him, unwavering and deadly in its aim. ⁵It points to you as well, but this is kept still deeper in the mists below the face of innocence. ⁶And in these shrouded vaults are all his sins and yours preserved and kept in darkness, where they cannot be perceived as errors, which the light would surely show. ⁷You can be neither blamed for what you are, nor can you change the things it makes you do. ⁸Your brother then is symbol of your sins to you who are but silently, and yet with ceaseless urgency, condemning still your brother for the hated thing you are.” (ACIM, T-31.V.6:1-8)

Yikes and Yikes again!

If I believe I’m one with all creation—and especially my brothers—then my judgement and condemnation of others is a finger pointed at myself. If I am an awakening being who wants to follow the way of Jesus, He teaches that there is only Light in every single being. His life, as well as his teachings through A Course in Miracles, teaches forgiveness of ourselves and of one another on every single page.