Dont’ know about other self-proclaimed “Extroverts,” but my outgoingness turns contemplative this time of year. Like Bear, I yield to winter’s encroaching darkness. I resist engagement and hunker down. I meditate, read, craft, write.

Or disappear into the Void.

At the moment however, I’m attempting another book. I presumed I’d dumped all baggage of having previously been a nun with my first book.

The memories continue downloading with a vengeance.

So I write.

First LIght

bathroom craft room front room kitchen

‘Twill be the first holiday season in my new home. Usually, I wait until the week before Christmas before dragging out my lights and decorating. But this year the being-aloneness for the first time and the ever creeping darkness made me want to light up the insides of my home early. Just for my own sweet self, and I’m loving this gift of light to myself.