Private City Escape

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There’s no place in this wide, wonderful world that even begins to compare with the “backwoods” of Portland. This morning, while on a casual jaunt through the neighborhood, I made an amazing discovery. A mere five minutes from my front door, I stumbled upon a path I had assumed led to someone’s back yard–but which instead opened up into approximately twenty acres of untamed woodland.

Surrounded by homes on all side, and situated between Sandy Boulevard and a railroad on the north, and the I-84 freeway and another railroad on the south, exists a serene and forgotten paradise. Best of all, I had it all to myself. Tromping through the tall grass and sidestepping around clumps of Blackberry bushes, I arrived at a stand of tall redwoods. I crossed a bridge spanning a trickle of Wilkes Creek, and turned to take in a distant, white-clad Mount Adams.

A neighbor later informed me that I had discovered a little-used portion of land, designated as a portion of the Columbia Slough, that is earmarked for a public park one day.

In the meantime, I plan to take full advantage of this outrageously beautiful and unexpected gift.


Power Ups

This film is taken at ECETI Ranch by James Gilliland, who is photographing this sequence. Sue and I have observed hundreds of UFO’s along with dozens of other folks for the past two summers in that same location. We sat at the base of Mt. Adams with James and stared at the heavens for a couple hours at a time. It was a totally amazing and mind expanding experience.